Designer by art,
‍illustrator by heart
I’m a graphic designer with a passion for illustration and a track record of creative leadership.
When I work in a team, I facilitate communication and encourage the full expression of everyone's creative potential. I thrive on the human exchange that comes from sharing skills and mentoring.
I'm interested in yoga, spirituality, songwriting and beekeeping.
A drawing of a man with a dove flying off his hand
I’ve refined a diversified set of competencies by working in a variety of industries, including publishing, events and marketing.
Here below, you can see samples of my work.
In the wake of the pandemic, the rise of hybrid and remote work has sparked a remarkable uptick in the utilisation of video resumes, such as those crafted through the platform C-Me.
For a span of four years, I held the position of Head of Design at LBCG, a renowned organisation running B2B events worldwide. The time arrived to align the brand for the Asian markets and I had to consider the cultural attitudes to different colours and designs in China.
Brand Alley
Brand Alley is one of the market leaders for luxury brand sales in the UK and France.
I produced mood shots and photo compositions to appear on the website homepage and daily newsletters.
Think Tidy
When time is limited and life is busy, professional declutterers can help to refresh and transform a house or an office. Their online presence has to be as neat and tidy as their business. This is what I realised for London-based Think Tidy.
branding | DIGITAL | PRINT
Rainbows is a nursery for autistic children in North London. My task was to design a logo which would delicately embody the values of the school while helping them stand out in the crowded education space.
Natural Care Products
Imagery and logos were the requests from the entrepreneurs behind the Take & Easy natural care products. I played with the Japanese element of the name (take means bamboo) and drew inspiration from my own childhood to create a design which eventually became the symbol for one of their products.
NDL Group
The NDL Group agency in London commissioned me to create a double-sided card for an Awards after-show party. The brief came with just 24 hours notice and I quickly produced a quality imagery which was well received by the guests.
SGTO Training Series
SGTO run B2B conferences and it was my task to create a design solution for their attending delegates and the follow-up online training, including infographics and marketing materials to be used both online and in print.
Laterza Publishing
I worked both in-house and as a freelancer for Laterza, an ancient giant in the Italian publishing world. Among other projects, I designed layouts for a series of books which were to be used in schools and this meant the impact of the imagery had to be defined and informative.
Sentieri Film Festival
For four years in a row, I had the duty of visual communications for a film festival in Italy. I presented each edition in a fresh and innovative way; also creating logotypes in a bespoke manner to illustrate the identity of the event.
LEDA creates and runs art workshops in Italian museums. My task was to rebrand the organisation, creating a new identity based on the activities of the group and the historical significance of the business name. The result was a great success encompassing all aspects of the brand.
AXA Insurance
As Lead Designer at Oliver Agency, I spearhead a wide range of creative initiatives for AXA, one of the agency's biggest clients. Marketing campaigns encompass diverse projects, such as crafting emails and social media assets, designing compelling brand literature, overlooking dynamic motion graphics and conceiving look and feel for most of the global insurer's live events.
Le Zoccate Garden
branding | DIGITAL | PRINT
A project of which I'm particularly fond. Le Zoccate garden in my native Italy is a true work of love and a natural sanctuary supporting biodiversity and sustainability.
Busker Label
Busker Label has empowered music artists to raise funds and promote themselves selling early access to unreleased albums. This company hired my expertise at the early stage of the start-up to create their visual identity, logos and icons to accelerate their goals of enticing musicians to join.
Vocabographics is my own little passion project which takes English idioms and phrases which are unfamiliar to the foreign tongue and expresses them in a visually attractive way. I use illustrations and sketches as a way to help the reader remember the sentence more easily. Do you get my drift?
The Saints
A self-initiated project of mine with a holy aspect to it. I pitched this idea at an international book fair where the idea was transformed into a set of playing cards by a famous publisher. The imagery would involve my sketches of the Christian Saints with a description to accompany them.